Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings - Stunning Choices

Article Date(s): 02/18/2022

Clip on Sterling Silver Earrings

sterling silver clip on earrings with onyx sterling silver clip earrings with dragonfly sterling silver earrings with abalone sterling silver clip on earrings with moonstone gems

At Dazzlers we select our genuine 925 Sterling Silver clip on earrings from trusted Artisans whose quality is proven from a few places around the world and are always quality checking to make sure our customers are getting the best.

So many of our offerings in this range include the use of genuine natural gemstones which allow you to select a gem that is your birthstone or is simply your favorite or one that has special meaning for you. Some are the well sought after favorites like Garnet, Amethyst, Turquoise etc whilst others are more uncommon and even unique.

The quality of 925 Sterling Silver is internationally regulated by standards and is defined as 925 parts pure silver and 175 parts Copper or 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper and in some countries is simply call 'real silver' as opposed to silver plated costume jewellery. Pure Silver is regarded generally as being too soft for making jewellery, including earrings so copper is added to make the silver tougher, more tensile. Sterling Silver is described as having a sheen whereas Silver is described as having a shine – the addition of copper changes the colour of the silver – to the trained eye it is often easy to spot the difference between silver plated or dipped jewellery and genuine 925 Sterling Silver.

classy sterling silver clip on earrings sterling silver earrings sterling silver clip earrings with pearls designer clip on earrings

Not only is Sterling Silver a beautiful material but it also has the advantage that it does not have any of the elements that are deemed to be carcinogenic or allergenic that sometimes are found in costume jewellery (e.g. Cadmium, Nickel and many others), albeit the use of these minerals is quickly diminishing. So if you have delicate skin or are prone to allergies then this range of earrings are your best bet.

So when you buy Sterling Silver clip-on earrings from Dazzlers you can be assured that they are genuine quality 925 Sterling Silver.

It is a consistent standard here at Dazzlers that we supply our customers with comfortable clip on earrings hence we ensure that we use only the best quality ear clips – not only that but we also fit many of our earrings with comfort pads free of charge.

Author: Staff