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How Do I Make Clip-on Earrings More Comfortable?

There are a number of things you can do to make your clip on earrings more comfortable. This article will cover the many different ways that are relevant in 2021 and beyond.

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Earrings Article - Origin and History of Earrings

One of the most common forms of jewellery is the earring, or more commonly referred to as earrings as they are more often than not worn as a pair. Here at Dazzlers Clip On Earrings we offer the following article which has some interesting details about this form of jewelry, the humble earring

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Why are Tassel Clip-on Earrings Popular?

article about the popularity of tassel clip on earrings

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article about the growing popularity of clip on earrings in recent years

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article about drag queens and why they love to wear clip on earrings

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article about how wearing clip on earrings can aid earlobe repair surgery

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Harmony Ball Clip On Earrings

article about the chiming harmony balls used in our unique clip on earrings

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article and videos on how to adjust clip on earrings

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