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About Clip On Earrings byDazzlers

ClipOnEarrings.net.au is one of a number of Jewellery orientated eCommerce sites operated by Dazzlers Accessories, an Australian business, established in 2009. (see links below for the other sites).

Our aim is to offer a collection of clip-on earrings that encompasses on trend designs as well as the enduring classics in addition to authentic vintage styles from previous eras. Our extensive range incudes genuine 925 Sterling Silver, inclusive of natural genuine gemstones, as well as the variety of alloys and finishes associated with costume jewellery, primarily Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

Operating since 2009, Dazzlers is committed to long term business online with an attitude of commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service coupled with affordable pricing. Our customer generated reviews offer testament to these principals.

Excellent Quality at Affordable Prices

Our fabulous collection of Affordable Quality Dazzlers Clip On Earrings, with many 'Unique' designer styles not found elsewhere, including 925 Sterling Silver earrings, many with Genuine Gemstones, Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver finishes in Vintage, Fashion, Chandelier, Dangle, Crystal and many other styles. In our ear clip on collections we also offer a wonderful selection of modern clip on earrings as well as Artisan 'hand crafted' styles. All our earrings are fitted with the best quality strong positive and very comfortable earring clips ensuring comfort. Importantly to our customers Dazzlers is an Australian business, based in Adelaide, providing excellent customer service with all stock here in Adelaide, South Australia, ensuring fast delivery.
So that you can purchase from us with confidence we encourage you to take a look at our customer's reviews of our products and our service.

Service and Value - "Affordable Quality"

At Dazzlers we pride ourselves in offering the best quality products at the best possible prices supported by excellent customer service that is second to none. Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers and we also make many of our own clip on earrings, our own designs and creations unique to us such that our customers can enjoy affordable individual unique products. We are continually adding new and exciting designs to our extensive product lines to ensure our customers are something different on each return visit.

Customer service is the cornerstone of our business and we service our customers with efficiency and professionalism. We often will be able to ship same day for many orders and if not then certainly the next day. We take care in our packaging ensuring it will withstand any potential damage in the postal system by using ample amounts of suitable packaging materials. Our customers will also enjoy the professional presentation when they open their package. Additionally we offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount giving our customers even greater value.

We provide soft clip pads on most of our earrings free of charge so that our customers can get the best comfort possible when wearing our earrings, something we see as a minimum standard. Additionally we have various types of clip earring pads available for purchase to suit all types of clip-on earrings.

Our customer focused approach sees our customers returning regularly because they know they will receive top quality products at very affordable prices coupled with the excellent service and respect they expect and deserve. Perusing our customer reviews highlights the satisfaction many of our customers have with our products and service.

So whatever the occasion may be for your requirement for clip on earrings, an evening out, a formal event or simply to dress up and feel good then we believe we have a range that will allow you to find those special earrings you need.

We put the Choice and Variety back into Clip On Earrings

"Our aim is to offer selections not available anywhere else, unique and different products in addition to some of the classic styles which includes the fabulous range of Clip On Earrings by Dazzlers "

Even though non-pierced earrings have been around for over 3000 years, in fact they were worn long before piercing became popular, they have had periods of being in and out of fashion. They were revived in the Victorian era and even during the 40's and 50's they were popular for a period before again losing favor.

This has resulted in a lack of continued design and fashion changes in non-pierced earrings by comparison to standard pierced styles. There are far fewer choices available for women who choose to wear this style than for pierced, far fewer.

So that is where we at Dazzlers come to the fore, we seek to offer our customers unique and hard to find clip-on earrings at very competitive prices, what we call, 'Affordable Quality'. We make many of our own products in addition to having partnerships with a number of Artisans who specialize in different designs. At Dazzlers we also search Globally for often hard to find manufacturers to find products we think you will like.

We provide useful information and articles for our customers

This article for example, one of many on our site, has been useful to many people: "How Do I Make Clip-on Earrings More Comfortable?"

Comfort is a big reason why many women choose to wear clip earrings - however for whatever reason sometimes your earrings may become less comfortable than you would like. There are a number of ways to improve the comfort of your earrings including the use of soft clip pads that cushion the pressure of the clip on the ear as well as providing some extra grip. Here at Dazzlers we have a range of soft clip pads to suit all types of earring clips.

Additionally, adjusting your clip on earrings, either to loosen them so that they do not squeeze too tightly on your earlobe, or to tighten them if they are slipping off too easily, is relatively easy to do as explained in another of our articles.

You will find a number of useful tips in our very informative articles in our Articles section.

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