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Are Clip Earrings Relevant in Todays Fashion?

Even though earrings have been around for thousands of years, non-pierced clip on earrings are a relativley recent addition to women's jewellery options having been invented during the Victorian era. They have had periods of being in and out of fashion, They were all the rage in the Roaring 20's era and even during the 40's and 50's they were popular for a period before again losing favor until a short lived revival in the 90's. This has resulted in a lack of continued development in design and fashion changes in non-pierced earrings by comparison to standard pierced styles.

There are far fewer choices available today for women who choose to wear this style than for earrings for pierced ears, far fewer. It is also fair to say that as the generations pass the fasion of wearing clip earrings has waned. An example of this is Goolgle search numbers in Australia showing that "clip on earrings" searches are less than 15% of the number for "earrings". This varies in different parts of the world particularly in areas with cultures that may not condone ear piercing.

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