Clip On Earrings Aid Recovery from Earlobe Repair Surgery

Clip On Earrings Aid Recovery from Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery

Earlobe reconstruction is a surgical procedure generally done by a plastic surgeon to repair the earlobes of people who have trauma or injury to the lobe area.

There are a number of causes of earlobe trauma with a majority of injuries resulting in people when wearing pierced earrings. The trauma can be a tear of the earlobe often caused by a hook or post style earring being pulled to a point where it tears the peircing hole resulting in either a partial split or sometimes tearing all the way through the lobe. Evan a small tear requires some corrective surgery and a tear all the way through, if not repaired professionally can heal as an unsightly scar and even misaligned tissue.

Tearing can be caused by something as simple as brushing hair and the earring catching, or putting on or taking off clothes whilst wearing earrings and the item of clothing catching the earring. In other circumstances it can happen when a toddler, playfully at first, tugs forcefully at an earring tearing the lobe. These examples are not only painful but can also result in scarring if not reconstructed carefully by a qualified surgeon.

Keloids are a common reason for earlobe surgery.

So what is a Keloid and what causes them? Keloids are a growth of excess scar tissue which can spread out from the original injured area much larger than it really should be. In the case of keloids on the earlobe they often result from a small split in the tissue around a piercing or even just from the occasional damage done to the piercing hole either by movement of the hook in the hole, accidentally 'stabbing' the edge of the hole when putting the hook in or from infection of the piercing. Typically a keloid will first be noticed as a small innocuous lump on or near the piercing. It can however develop into a significantly large lump of skin that makes wearing earrings impossible. (see images below).

These often unsightly and sometimes painful keloids need to be removed and the lobe reconstructed by a suitably qualified reconstructive surgeon. After removal and repair it is generally advantageous to keep pressure on the area for a period of time to ensure that the lobe heals in the desired way.

This is where clip on earrings come into play. These are generally a specific type of clip earring called pressure earrings, the purpose of the earring for is to apply constant pressure post surgical removal of a keloid from the ear. To do this effectively the front and back of the earring need to be about 12-15mm flat discs such that they are applying pressure evenly over a reasonable surface area and from the front and the back. Screw back clip style earrings tend to be excellent for this purpose as the pressure can be adjusted to suit the individual patient. The patient will of course want to look as close to their best whilst wearing this surgery recovery device so a select few manufactures make a range of these pressure clip on earrings specifically for this purpose. Whilst the range of designs is limited by the required function there are some quite fashionable varieties available that are appealing and hence onlookers are not aware that they are performing a surgical recovery function but rather just look like earrings. Sometimes artisan makers of clip earrings can make pressure earrings to order however these people can be hard to find.

images of keloids on and behind earlobes

keloid on ear   keloid on ear   keloid on ear

author: Christine
date: 2021-2-11

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