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Crystal Clip On Drop Earrings

The sparkle and dazzle of crystals has been attractive to women throughout the ages which is why so much jewellery includes crystals of various types or indeed precious and semi-precious gemstones. Whilst precious metals such as Gold and Silver have often greatly determined the value of jewellery and whilst these metals in themselves have delighted the wearer it is the inclusion of shiny sparkling jewels and crystals that have made so many pieces that much more special.

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examples of Crystal Clip On Earrings

The most famous jewellery pieces throughout history whether necklaces, bracelets, tiaras or earrings have included dazzling gems and of course most have been out of the scope of ownership for the majority bar the richest of women and that is where crystals have become so popular. Most women want to look and feel special, want to be noticed and appearance is important - the right outfit, the right hairdo and makeup all set off with the right jewellery.

The most important item of jewellery to help to highlight a woman's beauty is her earrings because they are closest to her face and how better to show off a beautiful face than with dazzling earrings to attract the eye. Without having to spend a lot of money on expensive fine jewellery costume for fashion crystal earrings can offer a sparkling alternative. Crystal bridal clip on earrings are very popular as wedding jewellery and are also worn as statement clip earrings by many.

Dazzlers has a wonderful selection of affordable quality clip on crystal earrings in a number of styles and designs with a variety of coloured crystals in addition to the diamond-like clear types. Crystals also come in different types determined by the materials they are made from, their cut and shape and their placement on a jewelry piece. These include the higher quality Austrian and Swarovski crystals in addition to the common rhinestone, marcasite and simple glass crystals.

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Clip On Earrings on Etsy

Etsy is a well known platform globally for hand made items created by artisans from many different countries and cultures. The incredible diversity of products offered is amazing and includes among the huge selection of jewellery a wonderful range of artisan crafted clip on earrings.

These handmade earrings are crafted by artisans from all over the world and as such represent a very wide range of styles including many cultural influences. Clip on earrings are more widely worn in some countries than others and this can show in the diversity of styles within a specific region of the world that may not be common elsewhere, one of the advantages of a platform that serves to provide a showcase for international craftspeople.

Many different materials are used in the making of these jewelry items including shells, seed beads and other locally harvested materials and also including commonly used metals such as copper, brass, silver and gold. Some sellers on Etsy will offer to make to your particular design whilst others offer one of a king clip earrings as a matter of course.

An example of a successful earrings shop in Etsy is Earrings Artisan with a wide variety of handmade pierced earrings as well as a wonderful collection of clip-on earrings.

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Pearl Clip On Earrings

Pearls have long been a symbol of beauty and elegance and have in the past been associated with expensive jewellery from the days when pearls were all deep sea harvested by intrepid divers and hence were not as common as mined gemstones.

Today pearls are more readily available at very affordable prices due to the abundance of cultured and freshwater pearls through farming and these are regarded as real pearls and classified as ‘organic’ gemstones. In addition to this recent manufacturing techniques are producing excellent costume jewellery with simulated or faux pearls that look amazingly real.

The fact that pearl jewellery is more affordable today than it has ever been has not detracted from its beauty and aura of elegance – pearls whether they be real or faux still look fabulous and make a woman feel elegant. Dazzlers offers clip on pearl earrings in fine jewellery, Sterling Silver with Freshwater or Cultured Pearls and a stunning range of costume earrings featuring beautifully manufactured faux pearls in styles such as clip on drop pearl earrings, clip on cluster pearl earrings, Sterling Silver clip on pearl earrings and more.

Dazzlers reputation of excellent quality coupled with affordability makes ours the most diverse and best clip on earrings range in Australia.

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Clip on Sterling Silver Earrings

sterling silver clip earrings

At Dazzlers we select our genuine 925 Sterling Silver clip on earrings from trusted Artisans whose quality is proven from a few places around the world and are always quality checking to make sure our customers are getting the best.

So many of our offerings in this range include the use of genuine natural gemstones which allow you to select a gem that is your birthstone or is simply your favorite or one that has special meaning for you. Some are the well sought after favorites like Garnet, Amethyst, Turquoise etc whilst others are more uncommon and even unique.

The quality of 925 Sterling Silver is internationally regulated by standards and is defined as 925 parts pure silver and 175 parts Copper or 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper and in some countries is simply call 'real silver' as opposed to silver plated costume jewellery. Pure Silver is regarded generally as being too soft for making jewellery, including earrings so copper is added to make the silver tougher, more tensile. Sterling Silver is described as having a sheen whereas Silver is described as having a shine – the addition of copper changes the colour of the silver – to the trained eye it is often easy to spot the difference between silver plated or dipped jewellery and genuine 925 Sterling Silver.

Not only is Sterling Silver a beautiful material but it also has the advantage that it does not have any of the elements that are deemed to be carcinogenic or allergenic that sometimes are found in costume jewellery (e.g. Cadmium, Nickel and many others), albeit the use of these minerals is quickly diminishing. So if you have delicate skin or are prone to allergies then this range of earrings are your best bet.

So when you buy Sterling Silver clip-on earrings from Dazzlers you can be assured that they are genuine quality 925 Sterling Silver.

It is a consistent standard here at Dazzlers that we supply our customers with comfortable clip on earrings hence we ensure that we use only the best quality ear clips – not only that but we also fit many of our earrings with comfort pads free of charge.

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