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VINTAGE Clip On Earrings

Vintage jewellery is often defined as being generally of an era around the 1940’s through the 1960’s – that does not necessarily mean that the item was manufactured then but more so that it was popular fashion during that period. Vintage does however have different definitions for different products, for example vintage clothing is anything over 20 years old and vintage in wine terms means wine made from grapes of a particular year of harvest.

The period of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s saw a number of developments in the manufacture of costume jewellery that made it more appealing and it also happened to be the heyday era of clip-on earrings when they were most fashionable. Wearing vintage or retro jewellery which has its own charm can often make you feel good.

The term ‘vintage style’ usually means that the item is not old but has been manufactured or hand made in recent times in the ‘style’ of a vintage jewellery piece.

Vintage Clip On Earrings Australia

Here at Dazzlers we offer both true vintage and vintage style earrings and the products are clearly indicated.

Dating clip on vintage earrings can be difficult primarily because most that is on offer is costume or fashion jewellery often mass manufactured and rarely date stamped. Dating these items relies on the style of the earring being relevant to a particular fashion era and also identifying some manufacturing techniques used in bygone days.

Retro is a term often substituted for vintage however it can simply mean something that was previously in fashion and is now back in fashion without being specifically defined by a time period so the term clip on retro earrings can be a stand alone one or sometimes be used in lieu of clip on vintage earrings.

This category is part of the 'Best range of clip on earrings in Australia' and includes many different styles, some of which are not made these days, such as beautiful porcelain earrings, vintage baguette cut crystal clip earrings and many more fascinating examples of bygone eras, some examples of which are shown below.

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Clip On Rose Gold Earrings

As the popularity of Rose Gold has grown as a preferred material or finish, seen as an attractive alternative to normal Gold, so has the demand for Rose Gold Clip On Earrings and here at Dazzlers we have a wonderful variety of styles, all excellent quality and at affordable prices.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose Gold is an alloy of gold and copper, which means it is a mixture of the two metals. Typically rose gold is made up of 75 percent gold with about 22.25 percent copper (variable) and a small amount of silver. The greater the amount of copper in the alloy mix then the darker or redder it will look which explains why there is a variation in the look of Rose Gold from one jewellery piece to another.


Gold and its uses in Jewellery

Gold has been the standard of wealth throughout history, and indeed subsequently power in many cases, and it remains so today. The success of many world economies is determined by their holdings of this yellow metal. Jewellery has been made from Gold since ancient times and was often the symbol of the wealth of the wearer particularly as it was solid Gold.

Pure Gold is not very suitable for making jewellery primarily because it is too soft and wears easily so it requires the inclusion of other metals, like copper and silver, to create an alloy with the toughness required by jewellery. Wedding bands are an example of gold that needs to be hard and resilient to withstand the wear and tear of every day use over many many years.

Today whilst Gold is still the benchmark it is generally more affordable as much jewellery is being made in a variety of purities - (pure gold 100% is classed as 24 karat) with lower karat ratings having various degrees of toughness and become cheaper as the percentage of gold decreases. The most common mixtures of gold in what is classified as 'fine' jewellery are 22K (92% gold), 18K (75% gold) and 14K (58% gold). Other grades of gold jewellery generally fall in the costume jewellery category. The colour of gold jewellery will also vary dependant of the percentage of gold versus copper and any other alloying elements.

In the case of everyday costume jewellery, the coating or plating of a base material in Gold makes this jewellery even more affordable. In addition, modern manufacturing processes have significantly improved the durability of the plating such that this type of Gold jewellery is often indistinguishable from the 'real thing'.

Typically the Gold clip on earrings offered by Dazzlers are made with an excellent coating or plating of gold.

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Clip On Crystal Earrings

Crystals used in our earrings come in many different forms including glass, Rhinestone, Diamante, Marquise, Marcasite and the famed Austrian crystals and Swarovski crystals. All have their own particular qualities and will dazzle in different ways, often due to the cut of the facets. Whatever the crystal type they all undoubtedly make a woman feel glamorous, particularly in evening or formal wear or as a bride, and equally can be a wonderful accessory to smart casual wear.

Clear crystals and a large central coloured one with a pave border tend to define elegance whist an array of multi coloured crystals tend to engender vibrancy and a carefree style. This is the magic of crystal clip on earrings, they come in a myriad of styles and colours, from the long dangle chandelier to a small stud button style and everything in between, and in a variety of materials and finishes including Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Vintage. We even have crystal earrings that also include gemstones and pearls.

Long drop crystal clip on dangle earrings are very popular for formal occasions such as the opera or theatre of even dining at that very special restaurant and of course at weddings. Button crystal earrings or drop styles are also very elegant and suitable for special occasions or just when you dress up to feel good. Regardless of the style you choose you can be assured you are buying comfortable clip on earrings as we at Dazzlers use only the best quality earring clips. For more information take a look at this interesting blog post about Crystal Clip On Drop Earrings

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